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     Dot925 is here to reflect the good feelings of america's past.
A reminder of who we are and where we come from. Baseball,
fishing, the old west, a cop on the street, it's americana.
Our goal is to offer a quality jewelry that will be passed down
through time.
      In fifty years, when someone asks and the reply is;
"these were my grandfathers lucky cufflinks" or "this was my
grandmother's pin".
      Dot925 will have done what we set out to do. Dot925 isn't
following a trend that will fade in a few months,  we're offering
a quality gift for that person who is impossible to buy for.
        A gift that will last them a lifetime and always remind them
 of you.
      Dot925 welcomes your input, ideas, and custom orders, in
addition to your business.

                                                                  Thank You... 


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