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OK folks here's how it works.

I have been given the job to liquidate the estate

of an eccentric antique dealer.

No, you can't come and look at the items in person.

What I am going to do is build a site

to show these items to you.

You will be able to take a virtual walk through the barns

bins,busses and trailers.

They are stuffed full of a lifetime collection of an antique dealer who had some taste.

Just click on a picture to take you to more pages full of pictures.

There will be more items added as we get this huge collection photographed and the photos posted.

If you see something that interests you just click the link to contact us and I will get back with you ASAP.

Most of the items you will find are to be listed on ebay over the next few months/years?, let us know what you would like for us to list next.

BARNTENDER   on ebay

New section
look at the
art  i found this week


Click me to see

Click the Ebay sales link

page for active ebay sales


Come on in and browse through the big barn.

Come in and see the Pottery


Stuff from the 60's


The T-Bouche has a great cowboy collection inside.

Look in the bus drums, denim, artwork, and more.

This old Airstream is full of bins.



Lots of musical instruments in here.

Tiki and more in the Palace Royal


Wander around the yard and see what can be found.

Bookmark this site and come back and visit us soon. There are hundreds of boxes and bins stuffed full of things. There will be sections for artwork, jewelry, vintage clothing, motors cycles, and who knows what else I will find. I hope to be able to get many more pictures up soon. I will be digging through all of the stuff and will post the pictures as soon as possible. Happy hunting and remember if you have a question just drop me an email.....Barntender

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